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Fromn the Raritan to the Connecticut not a white person was safe from the tomahawk and scalping knife, except those who clustered around Fort Amsterdarn. Says Roger Williams, "M Aine eyes saw the flames of their towns, the flights and hurries of men, women, and children, and the present removal of all that could to Holland. He tried to shift it upon the shoulders of the three who had urged him to the great wrong.

It was more than he chose to bear. Rushing upon the Director with cutlass and pistol, he demanded, " What devilish lies are these you have been telling of me? His attack was the signal for a general rising, which was, however, readily subdued. Kieft, goaded by the stings of conscience and the taunts of those who had suffered, attempted to conquer a peace, but was unsuccessful. He then turned with suppliant voice to the same God whoin he had mocked in his infamous order to Sergeant Rodolf: "WhVlereas, we continue to suffer much trouble and loss from these heathen, and many of the inhabitants find their lives and property in jeopardy, which no doubt is the consequence of our manifold sins; therefore the Director and Council have deemed it proper that next Wednesday, being the fourth of March, shall be holden a general fast and prayer, for which every individual is solicited to prepare hirnself, that we may all, with true and incessant prayer, seek God's blessed mercy, and not give occasion through our iniquities that God's holy name may be contemtned by the heathen.

To such a pitch were the people aroused that the proposition was made to depose him from his office and ship him to Holland. It was now approaching the latter part of March. The season of the year was near when the Indians must prepare for the maintenance of themselves and families by planting. This could not be done in the midst of a war.

Advances were therefore made by Pennawitz, chief of the Canarsees, for the re-establishment of peace. This resulted in a " talk " on Long Island, followed by a treaty of " solid peace" on the 25th of March. Nearly a month passed before they could be induced to put any faith in the Director. But these savages, untutored in the elaborate deceptions of diplomacy, did not feel that the presents received were commensurate with the great Valentine's Manual, , Hence the peace thus concluded was only apparent and did not last long.

The river tribes were not at ease. The great injuries inflicted upon them by the hated Swannekins were unavenged or unatoned, and nothing but blood or a full satisfaction could extinguish the fierce hatred which they nursed. Early in August the war whoop was sounded above the Highlands, and thence rolled southward. In some instances by stealth, in others by open violence, the savages waged a relentless war. Seven different tribes joined the coalition, which spread terror on every side.

In this hour of peril IKieft called upon the people whom he had previously slighted to come to his assistance.

In this body was Jan Jansen Damen, but, for the part he had taken in bringing about the February massacre, he was expelled, and Jan Evertsen Bout of Communipaw chosen in his stead. The EIGHT resolved on war, and Kieft proceeded to arm the people, and stationed them in small companies to protect the outlying settlements.

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But the savages were alert and gave the Dutch but little time for preparation. The force detailed to defend Lord Nederhorst's colonie were routed on the night of September 17th, and the house in which they took refuge was burned. Jacob Stoffelsen, then living near the present corner of. Henderson and Third streets in Jersey City, fearing his place might be injured, had three or four soldiers detailed for its protection. On the 1st of October nine Indians came to his house. They were kindly disposed toward him, and did not desire to injure his person. Under some pretence they induced him to cross over to the fort.

They then approached the soldiers as friends. These, being thrown off their guard by this show of friendship, gave no attention to their muskets, were attacked and killed, and the buildings burned. The savages took young Ide Van Vorst prisoner and carried him off to Tappaen. The next day, at the request of Kieft and Stoffelsen, De Vries went to Tappaen and ransomed the " boy. The four bouweries in PavoniaBout's at Gamoenepaen, Wouterssen's at Jan de Lacher's Hoeek, Stoffelsen's at Ahasimus, and Teunissen's at Hoboken-were laid waste and the buildings destroyed, not generally by open force, but by creeping through the bush and setting fire to the roofs, which were constructed either of reeds or straw.

So thoroughly was their destruction accomplished that from Tappaen to the Highlands of the Navesinek the country was once more in possession of its original masters.


We, wretched people, must skulk, with wives and little ones, that still are left, in poverty together, by and around the fort on the Manhattes, where we are not one hour safe. These heathen are strong in might.

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They have formed an alliance with seven other nations; are well provided with guns, powder, and ball, in exchange for beaver by private traders, who have had for a long time free course here. The rest they take from our brethren whom they murder. Poverty followed in the wake of the war. The company's treasury was depleted, and Kieft attempted to replenish it by heavier taxation.

This, added to tile war, kept the country in an almost disorganized condition until the spring of Then a number of tribes concluded a treaty of peace with the Dutch. In honor of this event, a "grand salute of three guns' was fired by Jacob Jacobsen Roy, gunner in Fort Amsterdam. Unfortunately, one of the pieces-a brass six-pounder-exploded, and poor Roy was 1Valentine's Hist. They agree to conclude with us a solid and durable peace, which they promise to keep faithfully, as we also obligate ourselves to do on our part.

If it happen which God in his mercy avert that there arise some difficulty between us and them, no warfare shall ensue in consequence, but they shall complain to our Governor, and we shall complain to their sachems. They are not to come on Manhattan Island, nor in the neighborhood of Christian dwellings with their arms; neither will we approach their villages with our guns, except we are conducted thither by a savage to give them warning.

And whereas, there is yet among them an English girl, whom they promised to conduct to the English at Stamford, they still engage, if she is not already conducted there, to bring her there in safety, and we promise in return to pay them the ransom which has been promised by the English. Done as above. It had been carried on for eighteen months with but slight intermission.

On the return of peace, the owners and tenants of farms on the west side of the river came back to and rebuilt their desolated bouweries. Before he had reconstructed his dwelling, however, he sold the " farm and a poor, unfinished house, with shome few cattle, for 8, florins," to Michael Jansen. TVide Vreeland Family. It is probable that Jansen purchased this farm in Certainly he was residing there in September, The farm sold to Jansen was only part of the tract given to Bout by the Company.

Newo Amst.

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Shortly after his arrival the Indians began to complain that the presents promised to them when they entered into the treaty of peace had not been received. Being without money and without goods, he was unable to satisfy their demands, and yet knew that if a war should break out, he would be censured by the fickle multitude.

In this dilemma the comnionalty were called upon to select eighteen representatives, fiom whoml the Director and Council selected NINE to advise the Government when requested.

Manhattan, Breuckelen, Amersfoort and Pavonia made the necessary selections from their best citizens. Its duties were-First. To promote the honor of God, the welfare of the country, and the preservation of the Reformed Religion, according to the discipline of the Dutch Church. To give their opinion on matters submitted to them by the Director and Council. Three of the nine, viz. If, in case of sickness or absence, either of these three could not attend, his place was to be filled by another of the NINE of the same class.

Six retired from office annually, to be replaced by an equal number selected from twelve names sent in by the whole board.

They held their sessions in David Provoost's school room, and were the immediate precursors of the Burgomasters and Schepens, and of a municipal form of government in the city of New Amsterdam. His manner toward them was conciliatory, and it was nearly two years after his arrival before any difficulty arose onl this side of the Hudson, and even this was seized upon by the Director to prove the mildness of his government toward the natives.

Broadh7ead, i. He came to this country in , and settled in Rensselaerwyck. Pennekek made a speech to the effect that the Minquas of the south desired to live with the Dutch in friendship, and, to signify their wish, he laid down a present for the Director; that one Indian of MIeckgackhanic had lately, without the knowledge of his people, done some mischief at Paulus Hoeck, and asked that it might be excused; that the Raritans, residing formerly at Wickquakeck, had a sachem, and wished himr to intercede for them; that Meyternack, Sachem of Nyack, with his tribe, was desirous to be included in the treaty, and would continue and remain friends to the Dutch; that he proclaimed the same for the Indians of Remahennonk; that their heart was upright, and they wished to live with the Dutch in friendship, and that all the past might be forgotten, and said: " Could you see my heart, then you would be convinced that my words are sincere and true.

The Indians were delighted, reaffirmed the treaty of peace, and returned to their homes. They joined in the general crusade against the hard-headed Peter, very much as the masses now do against officials, but beyond this they.

Abandoned in and around New Jersey

The favorable situation of the land had attracted notice, and numerous grants had been made by the company to individuals since the devastating war of The wounds of that terrible contest were healed, and health and prosperity were everywhere visible. Jacob Jacobsen Roy, the gunner of Fort Amsterdam, had received a grant for one hundred and fifteen morgens of land at Constapel's Hoeck.

It derived its name from the occupation of its first European owner. It lies east of Bergen Point, at the mouth of the Kill van Kull.