Trends and Issues in Action Learning Practice: Lessons from South Korea

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Marquardt, M. Optimizing the power of action learning. Miller, P. Workplace learning by action learning: a practical example. Journal of Workplace Learning, 15 1 , Park, S. Why are we using action learning and in what contexts? Action Learning: Research and Practice, 10 1 , Ram, M. Critical by design: Enacting critical action learning in a small business context. Action Learning: Research and Practice, 6, — Reynolds, M. Reflective practice: Origins and interpretations. Action Learning: Research and Practice, 8, 5— Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Keywords: action research, educational institution, organizational psychology.

Abstract The study aimed to implement action research method in educational institution for the sake of positive reforms and to initiate process of progress by using combination of Organizational Psychology and Administration. The organizational research strategies discussed in this study were applied by author during Feb, Aug, while performing the duties as Head of the Department at Applied Psychology, Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

The implementations could be helpful to apply these strategies in similar or other various fields. References Aguinis, H. Gill, J.


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Outdoor education

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Orbiting Two Worlds: a study of the psychosocial experiences of black and minority ethnic BME students, including those from indigenous Australian backgrounds, involved in educational programmes aimed at developing 'giftedness'. The relationships of parental self-efficacy, perceived parenting behaviours, adolescents' self-efficacy beliefs and developmental outcomes: an empirical investigation in a Chinese context.

Reproducing peace? Emerging market undergraduates in the United States: a mixed methods inquiry into student and host university motivations. Teaching human rights in Mexico: A case study of educators' professional knowledge and practices. Early signs of self-regulation: mother-infant interaction and the development of effortful and inhibitory control. Towards a better understanding of 'mathematics anxiety': A narrative inquiry.

Critical thinking and literature review writing in different cultural contexts: comparing the perspectives of Chinese postgraduate students in three settings. Using self-regulated learning strategies to enhance educational outcomes for students with learning difficulties in Hong Kong and Macau: an investigation based on participatory action research. A critical exploration of Annie Fellows Johnston's Little Colonel series: tell me the tales I delighted to hear long ago.

A progressive case for liberal subject-based education based on a case study of the English Literature syllabus. Reconceptualising crossover picturebook: a cognitive approach to crossover picturebooks and readers' engagement with them. Emergent education in the homogenised world. The significance of integrating indigenous skills, places, asthetic practices, culture and community towards future education in India.

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Cathy Burke and Richard Hickman. Using mobile technology empowers learners? Exploring students' mobile learning experiences, perceptions and motivational needs and developing learning capacity through mobile learning.

Action Learning: History and Evolution - PDF Free Download

Reading metafiction: Exploring children's literary competence when reading hybrid novels in the primary classroom. An exploration of the relationship between academic achievement and psychotic experiences. Learning space and student learning in higher education: an exploration through a comparative case study in China. Cathy Burke and Jan Vermunt. Self-repair in EFL learners' speech in two contrasting institutional school settings in China: a sociocultural and activity theory informed analysis of classroom and task-related speech.

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Student dis -engagement in post-war Lebanon: Barriers and pathways in school learning. Mediation of teachers' learning through talk within a professional learning community: a case study in Cyprus. Understanding reading choice: An investigation of multilingual Malaysian undergraduates' print-based and computer-mediated reading experiences.

A Literature Review of Research on Action Learning-based Nursing Education in South Korea

Introduction of standardised assessment in Croatia: the matura and its effects on teachers and schools. Morag Morrison-Helme and Pam Burnard. Algebra-related topics: A multiple case study in Cypriot primary school classrooms. Nurses' constructions of learning in work: Exploring the process and potential of work-based learning within an NHS 'Community of Practice'.

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The making of the citizenship curriculum in Taiwan: on the evolving concepts of 'good citizenship' and 'national identity' after World War II. Ian Frowe and Philip Gardner. Skills mismatches among university graduates in post-soviet Tajikstan: challenges for higher education and the labour market.