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About James Grant Goldin. Enter your birth date The World of Darkness contains mature content, as well as supernatural and mundane horror. Please enter a valid date. Unfortunately, we were unable to grant you access to the website. Exit site. Discover the thinbloods.

The vampire hunting team found a haunted house, killing two vampires

Clans Brujah The Brujah have never been a large part of the Seattle Kindred community, but when they do show up to a party, they make their presence known immediately. Discover the Brujah. Clans Tremere In nights long before Seattle, the Tremere were something else.

Discover the Tremere. Clans Toreador From its music, gardens and parks, and iconic architecture, it would almost appear as though Seattle was shaped by artists. Discover the Toreador. Clans Ventrue The blood of rulers has flown in the veins of the Ventrue since time immemorial - be they high priests, emperors, investment bankers, or chairmen of the board. Discover the Ventrue. Clans Malkavian Malkavians have been traditionally ostracized by the Seattle Kindred. Discover the Malkavian. The pioneers.

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Discover the Pioneers. Discover the Camarilla. Discover the Baron. Discover the Newcomers. There are few ways to protect oneself against this creature, probably because the Babylonians and Sumerians believed that prevention was better than a cure, and so they avoided the places in which an edimmu would dwell. These small bowls were made of clay and inscribed with powerful incantations or spells. Living in dilapidated modern buildings is quite fitting for an undead being whose final resting place was a desolate unvisited grave.

Moonlight aka Amanda loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand.

Vampires First Blood Volume II: The Vampire Ladies

Touch her coffee and she may bite you and not in the fun way. September 6, - am Reply. Lamia November 7, - am Reply.

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First of all, you have a lot of guts to go on a website ,where tons of TRUE believers of these magnificent creatures are, and speak your beliefs. Second, if you so strongly believe that vampires do not exist, you must have some evidence, so next time you run your mouth think about what it is your talking about.

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Also, I would not be so foolish as to call upon a force of which you do not know the power of! Nouman December 14, - am Reply. Yogi Samahito November 12, - am Reply. Irishmoonlight June 11, - am Reply.

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Anything is possible if u believe. Sanguis est in aeternum, blood is forever humans. I only drink my own blood only to protect myself.

It was interesting. Mortoseth October 18, - pm Reply. Stephanie Hall April 7, - pm Reply. Please kindly grow up and do some homework yourself.