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Don't Miss Out! Yes, Please No Thanks. There are several reasons for this, but the one that will drive you the most wild is your love of challenge. To be sure, Gemini can be here now and gone within ten minutes, so getting this poster child for ADD to pay attention to you will feel like a real coup.

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Managing to get this chatterbox to turn off the brain and get engaged in bodily pleasures will be the next level to overcome. Silencing Gemini without consent could result in panic. Better to kiss and grope your way into a peaceful state that resembles silence. This can definitely have its plus side for those afternoon quickies you like so much. You work very hard most of the rest of the time, so having someone show you new ways to have fun will be very rewarding. Your karmic lesson from Gemini could very well be about living in the here and now, and making the most out of every minute.

Looking for more love insight? You might not think the person that embodies home, family, and tradition is really for you, but Cancer is your perfect match.

ZODIAC SIGNS SEXUAL DESIRES - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn

Seemingly shy and hard to approach, Cancer is easy enough to turn on. Usually any signal that you desire sexual pleasure will set Cancer into a routine that will make you wonder where this bundle of pleasure has been your whole life! Cancer instinctively knows what you need -- even before you do. Cancer definitely needs more reassurance than you might think is possible, but fortunately mother nature has given the two of you a way of working things out. One little pat on the back from you is worth more than volumes of praise from anyone else.

Cancer can definitely give you the devotion you crave, and you will happily provide the security this hypersensitive person needs. Although Cancer will gladly give you pleasure, some of the kinkier things you enjoy might not be in the original repertoire.

You could try teaching this old-fashioned person new tricks, or it could be that having everything else you could possibly want is enough to keep you away from the elaborate play-action scenarios. Your karmic lesson from Cancer is the simple pleasures are the best, especially when you know there is love. This bold and brassy individual will definitely impress you. Leos have a way of making everyone around them feel like they should make way for their regal presence.

The Best Sex Toys and Masturbation Tips for Your Zodiac Sign

You and Leo make a very impressive couple. The inevitable power struggle between the two of you will be a huge turn-on, too. Virgo will know from the moment you meet that the number one thing you like is respect -- and lavish it upon you. By keeping you honest, Virgo will help keep the glue in your relationship going so you can stay together.

Sex Horoscopes of the Zodiac Signs

Obviously, this could be a sign that a long-term relationship has great chances of working out. This meticulous, watchful person will give you the karmic lesson of diligence. You will learn that, no matter how much admiration you might evoke in your partner, you have to earn rewards like loyalty and devotion. Discover your inner desires now. Libra, you will find, is a potentially amorous partner with a strange agenda. This dead serious romantic individual will insist on being courted with all the accoutrements you read about in self-help columns.

Sagittarians can be wayward individuals. Full of thoughts, independent spirit, and a need to pave the way for themselves — sex isn't a necessity in their daily lives. That being said, when they find someone they are compatible with intellectually, spiritually, and sexually — they will not forgo the chance to have amazing sex.

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They're an extremely all-or-nothing sign, and whoever is lucky enough to be their partner would tend to agree. Capricorns, a classic earth sign, are very rigid about schedules and rules, and aware of what they should or shouldn't be doing. As a result, things can be challenging for them when it comes to sex because it's often hard for them to be both flexible and meet their high expectations of themselves.

Capricorns are interested in sex, and definitely have wants and needs, but getting themselves to loosen up and let people in can be difficult. As a result, they likely schedule frequent masturbation and, when they have a good partner, are likely to plan their sex lives in great detail. Aquarians are challenging to understand at times. As air signs, they often feel a distance from others, and the way to overcome that distance can be a challenge.

As a result, it can be hard for Aquarians to have relationships that are in sync romantically, emotionally, physically, and sexually. Aquarians may not have sex super often, but not for lack of wanting. It just takes a concerted effort for them to really feel connected.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This could take weeks or months. However when they really feel in tune with someone even a FWB , all bets are off, and the sex is bound to be great. Pisceans are very protective of their sensitive hearts. When they're in love, they could be down any time.

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  • They're creative and emotionally intelligent, and this extends to all areas in life including sex. So this means that their baseline sex drive is decently high, and then if they're truly in sync with someone, the limit does not exist. By knowing both your sign and your partner's sign, you can make sure you maximize your compatibility both inside and outside of the bedroom.

    Hopefully, whatever your sign, your sex life is exactly the way you want it. And if it's not, maybe the universe has something exciting in store for you in This article was originally published on Dec 18, By Hannah Schneider. Aries March 21 - April 19 : Every other day. Taurus April 20 - May 20 : All weekend long. Gemini May 21 - June 20 : A couple times a month, or, all the time. Cancer June 21 - July 22 : If they have a partner, every night.