The Baltic Sea Incident

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Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert said Monday the two leaders will meet Saturday at the German government's guest house outside Berlin. It's too hot for that. Authorities in Poland this week banned swimming at over 50 beaches along its Baltic coast, after hot weather led to the toxic growth of bacteria in the unusually warm sea.

Baltic Sea water temperatures exceeded 23 degrees Celsius HELSINKI AP — Swedish officials say a large Panama-flagged cargo vessel carrying hundreds of vehicles has run aground on the country's east coast en route to the port of Sodertalje, south of Stockholm, and has reportedly leaked some oil. The Swedish Coast Guard said the meter foot Makassar Highway ran aground in an archipelago north of Vastervik about a.

Sweden summons Russia after Baltic Sea air incident

Monday in good weather on the Baltic Sea. The Nord Stream 2 project will add to an existing direct Russian-German pipeline, increasing the amount of natural gas Russia can send to central Europe skirting transit countries to Germany's east. Several eastern European countries object to the plan, which the United States also opposes. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto's office said the American and Russian leaders will hold their summit at the 19th-century Presidential Palace, located a stone's throw away from the capital's iconic waterfront Market Square.

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held at one of the Finnish president's official residences in Helsinki, a palace that overlooks the Baltic Sea where the presidents' predecessors have met, officials in Finland said Friday. The Estonian military said the IL plane spent less than one minute in the country's air space Thursday afternoon.

Estonia says the plane's transponder was switched on, but the crew didn't present a flight plan and had no radio contact with Estonia's air navigation service. BERLIN AP — Police say a burning bird falling from an overhead electric line set fire to a field in northern Germany that was parched by dry weather, torching some 7 hectares 17 acres of land. Police in the Baltic Sea port city of Rostock said witnesses reported that the bird caused a short-circuit in a railway power line and fell to the ground in flames.

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The neighboring field then caught fire, and more than 50 firefighters were deployed to tackle the blaze on Tuesday evening. Players themselves could learn a little from one of history's great thinkers, Serbia supporter Vojin Lukovic suggested. WARSAW, Poland AP — Two people have been killed and at least 27 others injured when a bus carrying retirees on a seaside holiday veered off the road and into a grassy ditch in central Poland, officials said Monday.

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The spokeswoman for Gdansk province prosecutors, Grazyna Wawryniuk, said Friday that prosecutors were looking into the cause of the accident and into whether it had endangered the environment or residents. Russian President Vladimir Putin says that gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine may continue even after the launch of a new prospective Germany-bound pipeline under the Baltic Sea.

Imperial palaces line its network of canals, its stadium looks like a spaceship and some days the sun never sets. Petersburg is so far north that the last three weeks of June are "White Nights," with the sky remaining light 24 hours a day. The floating plant, the Akademik Lomonosov, was towed on Saturday out of the St.

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Petersburg shipyard where it was constructed. It is to be pulled through the Baltic Sea and around the northern tip of Norway to Murmansk in northwest Russia, where the nuclear reactors are to be fueled. Police spokesman Karol Dabrowski said the accident occurred Tuesday close to the village of Slowino, near the Baltic Sea. Most of the passengers on the bus were students of a maritime school in the nearby town of Darlowo. The Russian Defense Ministry said the three-day exercises that started Wednesday will involve the firing of live ammunition at sea and air targets. Shipborne helicopters will also conduct training flights and practice searching for enemy submarines. Three corvettes and a frigate are taking part. Christina Andersson of the Swedish civil contingencies agency says that the edition bears the working title "If Crisis or War Comes" and should be delivered to some 4.

Baltic Sea. Anniversary of Baltic Sea ferry wreck that killed marked September 28, Finns probe if robot illegally explored Estonia ferry wreck September 25, Warsaw sewage plant malfunction contaminates Vistula river August 29, Finland says Russian aircraft suspected of air violation July 17, Commentators suggest this may have motivated the Russians to fly the bombers with dirty wings, a defence term used to indicate the planes were carrying bombs.

The incident could have escalated. The Belgian navy frigate Louise Marie was in the Baltic at the time involved in an anti-air defence operation.

Baltic Sea: Russian Su-27 intercepts US 'surveillance plane'

This operation was aborted to allow Swedish fighter jets that were supposed to feign an attack on the Louise Marie to intercept the Russian bombers. Kristof van Belleghem, the captain of the Louise Marie, says the Russians are acting in a more assertive manner: "It's getting more and more frequent. We see that the Russians are adopting an assertive position vis-a-vis of our units.

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We are getting used to it, but should be careful to avoid misunderstandings, accidents and worse. Thursday's incident follows the events of Wednesday when a Russian submarine surfaced in the vicinity of the Godetia to take photos. Insiders say this is an unusual event as submarines usually prefer to operate undetected.


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