Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Health Economics (MIT Press)

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Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Health Economics

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Please submit a ticket if you think that this is not the issue. For the best experience, please upgrade to the latest version of your browser. We suggest using Google Chrome. Cookies must be enabled in your browser while using our system. Toggle navigation. Cart 0 Students Instructors Log in. Please Log In or Register to Continue. Register New Account. Log Into Existing Account. Would implementation of this policy increase the demand for health economics research in this coun He has applied for a loan for this surgery; the loan has an annual interest rate of 6 percent.

The artificial knee can function for 10 years before it needs to be replace Assume the artificial knee depreciates at a constant rate every year until the time of replacement, which is 10 years hence. What is the cost of this capital?

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Suppose that instead of a loan, the patient plans to pay for the surgery from his or her own savings. Does this change your answer to b? Why or why not? What is the slope of the COC schedule? Explain why it looks the way it does. What is the cost of health capital in this problem? Find the optimal level of health this person demands under the above conditions. Suppose the person acquires a chronic disease and his health depreciation rate rises to 35 percent annually. How does this change your answer to part c? Assume the change in the price of time inputs changes the cost of a unit of health investment by 10 percent.

Show graphically how this cha Now focus on the role of human capital in this model. How does the MEC curve shift in this case? If the diseases are liver cancer, pneumonia, and dental caries, which one is most likely to be denoted as A above? In the experiment they discussed in their paper, workers were randomly assigned to label four different chemicals: asbestos, TNT pg.

Which labeling work must have a higher wage, asbestos or chloroacetophenone? What is the wage function for chloroacetophenone?

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

Use wS as the benchmark again. Which value s do you need to be able to solve this problem? How does this change your answ pg. At what level of p is m The price of the aggregate commodity x is px and the pg. Calculate the price elasticity of demand for medical care. Show the effect graphically of a deductible on the demand for medical care.

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Show this graphically. If you do not know some of the medical terms, check out Google. Blood pressure readings from patients taking drug A are consistently higher than those of patients taking drug B. Does this mean that drug B is more effective th Describe four types of pecuniary losses and two types of nonpecuniary losses that are likely to arise. The individual can purchase a gamble with a 0. What is the actuarial value of the gamble? Show graphically why the per Explain your answers.

Use a goods-leisure analysis goods or income on one axis and leisure on the other to answer the following questions: pg. Isolate income and substitution effects from a decrease in the wage rate. Note: In isolating the income and substitution effect, the practice is to draw a line parallel to the new price line and tangent to the indifference curve where the person w pg.

Now assume that Medicare is the only payer. Show how the goods-leisure analysis is useful for addressing this question. You will need to translate price per unit of service into work pg. Answer the following questions: pg. What is the substitution effect induced by this fee cut, again for thoracic surgeons? What happens when the income effect dominates the substitution effect? Does an insurer realize savings from a fee cut when the income effect dominates the substitution effect?

Explain your answer. What is meant by economies diseconomies of scale and scope? What are sources of scale economies diseconomies and scope economies diseconomie pg. Use this model to analyze the effects of pg.