Publishing a Book on Amazon: 7 Steps to Publishing your #1 Book on Amazon Kindle in Minutes!

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Book Marketing How to Hit #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List

Previews Amazon is great for showing the first few pages of a book right in a browser, and the final page of that preview is the buy button—no downloads, no plugins, just a popup window where you can read content. Promotion With either, you need to rely almost entirely on your own draw or audience to get people to buy your book.

Did they buy it, not knowing who I am? Who knows. Hopefully, a few did. Interaction My favourite thing about publishing with KDP is the highlights and notes feature. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding, though: Are you able to provide support to purchasers if they have trouble with the file format, downloading or receiving the file? DGES wins here since those changes can be instant. Do you think you can charge more than the average price of a book, or offer extras?

Go with DGES. If so, DGES is the way to go. Are you looking to get a lot of reviews, highlights, notes for your book? Amazon does this best. Do you really want the information and email address of each purchaser? Amazon does not provide this. Both have great customer service for authors. And personal preference counts for a lot, too.

You can now manage your CreateSpace content on Amazon's improved publishing services.

Now go forth to write and publish your book! Image Credit: smartbrother. FS Podcast Product Development. Got your outline done? And part of your daily habit is to commit to a writing goal. For example, your goal might be to write words each day. Or to write for 30 minutes. I like to complete a chapter in a single sitting. On the first day, I outline the chapter and on the next day, I write the rough draft.

Now, set a daily writing goal and share it with someone. Be realistic about how much you can do each day. Writing words every day is much better than writing words whenever you feel like it. For most people, writing the first draft is the toughest step. It takes persistence. But you can do it! In fact, if you follow the tips in this section, you can write your rough draft in just three weeks.

Forming a new habit is hard. Simply, start writing again the next day. And make sure you celebrate finishing your first draft. Want more information on writing a great book quickly? Check out this post:. Once you have a rough draft, you want to revise it and add the finishing touches. Revisions or self-edits can take as long as you allow. Write your ideas down and keep coming back to the list. It may take several days or even weeks to come up with a great set of title and subtitle combinations. Your first idea is rarely your best. When brainstorming, you can use any of the following methods to come up with ideas:.

Regardless of which approach you take with your title, the subtitle is your opportunity to sell. For a nonfiction book, this is where you make your big promise. Ask yourself these questions:. Once you have between 5 and 10 subtitle ideas, play around with the wording. Try to fit one or more keywords into your subtitle.

Keywords are the words or phrase a user types into the Amazon search bar when looking for a book on your topic. All of the books in my Paid to Stay Home series follow the same simple formula:. All five of these books reached bestseller status in at least one Amazon category. And all of them continue to sell today. Your professional team help turn your book into a polished end product.

Step #6: Get Feedback from a Facebook Group

Your editor provides a professional and objective view of your book, spots errors you could never find on your own, and guarantees you publish a high-quality product. TIP: Request a sample edit from at least 3 editors you like the look of. Ask each one to do a sample edit of the same pages.

Some editors do this for free.

The sample edit will help you pick an editor who you want to work with. Your cover is the exterior packaging for your book. A great cover gets people to click on your book in the Amazon store. A bad cover puts potential buyers off. If you know a graphic designer who can create an amazing cover for free, then great. Otherwise, you can find a cover designer on Fiverr or Upwork see section on editors above.

If you have a larger budget, you can also use a site such as 99designs. I like 99designs because you can vote for the designs you like best and request changes to the initial submissions.

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TIP: Provide your designer with examples of book covers you like. This is the fastest way to communicate the look and feel you are aiming for. Formatting does two things. First, it ensures your book has a readable font, properly formatted lists, clean looking chapter headings, etc.

How To Self-Publish Your First Book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for FREE (KDP)

Again, you can find a formatter on Fiverr or Upwork. For example, you pay more if your book has a lot of images. You now have a professional cover and a final manuscript. But first, you want to collect some more information so your book has the best chance of reaching the most readers. Categories and keywords help browsers find your book on Amazon.

When you set up your book in KDP you can specify two categories and seven keywords for your book. Customers shopping for books in the Amazon Kindle Store can browse by genre and subgenre. These genre groupings are called categories. Each category has a best seller list.

How to Self Publish a Book in 5 Steps

Start by looking at books in the Kindle Store similar to yours. Focus on books with a high ranking. To do this, go to the Kindle store on Amazon.

Why Focus on Your First $1,000?

The books in each category are displayed in ranking order. Amazing post, Heather! Thanks for the extremely detailed breakdown of how Kindle Publishing works. Thanks, Susan! It was a fun project, and hopefully the lessons I learned will save others some time and effort during the publishing process. I have a post series that I want and need to convert to an ebook. I, too, have put it off for several months because of my fear of the unknown.

Good luck with your ebook and let me know if you have specific questions! What a detailed and helpful post!