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Contrary to popular belief, very few fatal injuries result in instant death. As long as you haven't been decapitated , shot in the head , or blown up , your body will take at least two minutes to fully shut down. So long as your throat is relatively intact and you can get breath enough to make sound, this gives you a chance to belt out a few parting words to your comrades or the enemy that felled you. Of course, this doesn't really work in real life, since few people except for those expecting to die have good last words prepared, or the energy or wherewithal to say anything as they go into shock.

Ah, but this is fiction Fictional characters who aren't killed instantly will usually have something to say.

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Some can pull off the Final Speech , able to utter page after profound page in their dying moments. These are usually delivered with the calm gravitas of someone who knows the end is near. In contrast, Famous Last Words are brief and often poignant: the statement said by a character who hasn't quite accepted that he's dying. These can actually be very character-defining, to the point that they represent the very climax of that character's development leaving a lasting impression on the other characters and the fans.

This is difficult to write despite being just a few words.

8 'famous last words' that were probably made up

Misuse it and it can come off as cheesy. Done perfectly and it can even garner the respect of a fan that hated the character. An affectionate subversion is that a character utters what he expects will be his Famous Last Words — but survives after all.

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Compare Sedgwick Speech , where a character gets killed directly after his speech or one-liner, usually in an ironic fashion. See also "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner where a character says a one-liner before knowingly facing death, Pre-Mortem Catchphrase when a character's Catchphrase ends up being their last words and Dying Curse when these words are a curse.

Often a Tear Jerker. Some supposed Real Life final last words are fictional, and were possibly concocted for ulterior motives. At the time of his death, it was widely reported in newspapers that Lou Costello's last words were "I think I'll be more comfortable", said to the nurse who was preparing to help him turn over in bed.

The Famous Last Words Of 41 Historical Greats

Within months the legend arose that he died in the presence of a group of beloved friends and that his last words were "that was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted". Whether his friends were embarrassed that he died virtually alone or whether someone meant to imply that Costello died because he was fat he had a chronic heart valve infection nobody knows, but the legend can be found in almost every book of famous last words. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Energizer "Oh I'm melting! He survived.

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PSAs "I'm workin' overtime 'cause I want to take my family on a nice vacation. Soon they'll get a call telling them I was killed in an 'accident.

'Et tu, Brute?' — Julius Caesar, Roman dictator and general

And the company should've checked those tanks t—" Construction Worker, prevent-it. Nickelodeon Magazine "Wow How about we head over to the Goober Lagoon for some volleyball or swimming Why are you looking at us like that? C-come on, now Aren't we all best friends? CreamBob ConePants. I wish a muthafucka would Don't take your guns to town As the protagonist of King Diamond 's Conspiracy is being cremated alive, he gives a dying promise: "Whenever the dark is near, I will return to haunt you Nostradamus The prognosticator was famous for his wild predictions.

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Buddy Rich The famous American jazz drummer died after going into surgery in Terry Kath Guitarist Terry Kath of the band Chicago died of an accidental gunshot wound to the head in January of Oh, wow. Princess Diana Princess Diana of Wales died in a terrible August car crash, having been pursued by numerous paparazzi.

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I told him categorically that we could never be anything more than friends.