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She is bound and gagged, hanging upside down… when the clown takes a bone saw to her. She is alive and screaming for mere moments as her guts spill out. The replica they used for actress Catherine Corcoran is extremely well down and highly detailed. That coupled with the fact that his projects are cast well makes for quite the adventure for the viewing audience. Even a character like ditzy blonde Dawn we want to see survive — we just wish she knew when to keep her damn mouth shut.

This is so refreshing considering that these days the audience only gets characters on the screen they HOPE die. The colors and shadows are rich, we get camera pans and clever camera angles. People that say this movie looks flat need to get their eyes checked. Atmospheric and creepy and heightens the scenes it plays under.

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I believe there is a soundtrack album out on vinyl! The music is THAT good. Except for the few minor things I have sited in the quibbles section, there is just a sense of a solid story and sharp direction behind the camera.

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He is definitely growing as a storyteller. The unsung hero of the movie is producer Phil Falcone. And from everything I have heard — he was no arm chair producer. We need more producers like this. Reviewers have talked a lot about the set design. The locations were that trashed out. Where I think credit is due and where the production got clever is that the variety of locations presented — from a hospital to a warehouse to a TV station to a morgue — may have been filmed at the same couple of locations — to get the most bang for the buck.

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Now that is smart filmmaking. Acting wise , I for one feel this is very solid, with all actors giving it their best. There is one scene however that felt tonally uneven. I think this MAY have been one of the first scenes shot movies are shot out of order. We should have smeared mascara and blurry-teared eyes, shuddering and sobbing, anger shot to level 12 and gutteral screaming when Tara attacks Art.


What would have helped is to take a tip from the master of horror — John Carpenter. Sometimes a 4, sometimes all the way to This made it possible for the actress to give a consistent emotional level while shooting the film out of order.

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I have full confidence that Jenna Kanell could have pulled it off, it was just too early in the shoot and the emotions from the scene previous to this just were not present. Art hacks part of his hand off. As one other reviewer put it, the remains of her breasts looked like chewed up bubble gum, and I kind of have to agree. It did look a little like melted Laffy Taffy. NOW , before you heap ridicule on me for pointing these things out, remember — in the end I loved this movie and heartily endorse it.

This is just things to make notice of that can be improved upon in the next adventure. What is the possible back story to Art the Clown? Here are my thoughts. First off let me say that I would prefer that Art was strictly a true psychopath in the reality of the world he lives in, and not a being with supernatural elements to him.

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However, if he is to be more than human, this is how it might have all happened…. Art was originally Dr. Arthur McCullen, a noted New York plastic surgeon.

Unfortunately, after one night of heavy partying, he went in the next morning to do an operation on a patient, only to completely botch up the job. The face work turned out horrendously. This would mean ruin for the doctor. A malpractice suit, loss of his license, and a disgraced reputation. That evening while contemplating suicide, the doctor was visited by the Devil. Satan offered him a deal; the malpractice situation would be wiped completely away. In return the doctor had to — from dusk till dawn — on Hallows Eve — murder and mutilate as many people as possible.

Desperate, Dr. McCullen accepted. So every Halloween, a strange transformation occurs. McCullen disappears, and Art the Clown comes forth. Art is granted with some limited powers. He can teleport up to 12 times during his murder spree, and he is granted with increased strength and endurance. While he can be wounded, by the end of the evening he will return to the form of Dr. McCullen, completely intact. He is heavily limited in some respects. He lives in the physical realm and has to find or make his on Earthbound weaponry usually in the form of butcher knives or medical instruments in his basement hideaway.

He cannot cackle in glee or laugh, as he is also rendered mute. One thing I know about artists is that they are very protective of the characters they create. Leone and Thornton are in discussions about the sequels. So where does he need to go from here? Interestingly enough, this situation strikes me as similar to Canadian movie maker Ryan Nicholson. They have pushed and ripped the envelope so to speak. However this is also a bit of a turning point for both. This gets old very, VERY fast. It also presents several of his characters as similar and one note.

Where does this leave filmmaker Damien Leone? However, if he is to do sequels, he will have to give the audience more story. Maybe there has to be a reoccurring protagonist that shows up to battle the clown. Maybe Art gets stalemated at the end of his murder spree and has to disappear until next Halloween.

Anyway what I am saying is that the next entries need to be more robust story-wise. Otherwise it will start having the effect of diminishing returns, and no one wants that for Leone and company. Los Angeles Times. The Boston Globe. October 14, Premiere : pp. Retrieved on September 26, Retrieved May 27, January 20, Retrieved May 26, Mouse Planet. Retrieved September 5, February 18, Retrieved September 26, The Phoenix Gazette. Retrieved September 27, Electronic Gaming Monthly December MTV News. Retrieved November 29, Retrieved September 2, Film Fest".

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