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Want to rank higher in search results? There are a lot of nuances between new stores vs. These sites can actually be treasure troves of keyword terms and topics.

Planning the Campaign

Entrepreneur and Shopify expert Casandra Campbell shares her 3-step SEO framework to help your business get found through Google searches. But niche to win, right? Our first step is going to Google and doing some basic searching, starting with good old common sense. But before we do that, we need to see what all the Google suggestion keywords look like.

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To do this, we can use a helpful tool called KeywordKeg. Immediately we see that length is a common term used to specify what these searchers are looking for. We want to add those into our negative keywords list to further clean up the results. This leaves us with unique keywords, so from here I want to sort by monthly search volume to get a sense of how popular these keywords are. You can run through the above process around times to build substantial lists of relevant terms to work with.

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Armed with a solid list of terms to target, the question remains: now what? A topic map is a spreadsheet where you group related keywords together into smaller lists that all roll-up under a representative topic. If you want to rank for a particular term or a set of terms, you need to build out the type of content that Google is showing you it wants to see. The most straightforward way to do this is through some old fashion Googling.

Create a spreadsheet for yourself using the exported lists of keywords from KeywordKeg as a starting point. The two highlighted rows above will need to be entered manually. It looks like the easiest path to break onto this SERP is with a list-form article, and then, over time, invest content and link resources into ranking a product category page.

I love this SERP. These results are ripe with opportunity to leverage SEO-focused content creation. Specifically, making use of YouTube hacks to climb up into the top rankings try some of these. In this third example we can immediately see the results skew toward pages with high commercial intent. Thankfully, a properly conducted SEO analysis can not only reveal the tiny details which can produce the a big impact, but help you see the forest for the trees so you can improve your organic search rankings, generate more qualified traffic, and optimize your SEO campaigns.

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When completed, your custom SEO Analysis will provide you with a clear, actionable blueprint you can follow to address the performance-killing issues buried deep within your current campaigns. After completing hundreds of these in-depth audits, we know exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and what needs to be done to address the problems we discover.

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Did your website suffer a manual penalty from Google or have your organic search rankings and traffic steadily, or even drastically, declined? If so, our SEO Analysis is just the right tool for you and your business. Do you know the difference between ranking in the 1 position as compared to the 3 spot? While the organic click-through rates can vary depending on the search term brand versus non-brand keyword searches , device used to conduct the search mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop , and the SERP features Google displays for that query rich snippets, Google AdWords ads, Google Map listings, knowledge graph, Google Shopping ads, etc.

You can even produce more traffic and website visitors without improving your ranking positions at all, so if you want to produce better results from your current efforts, as well as know exactly what you need to do fix the issues that are holding back your results, our SEO Analysis can help. Which is why we start each and every relationship with our Digital Marketing Checkup. Think of it like dating a girl or guy before asking them to marry you.

Since each piece of the puzzle fits together in just the right way to create the picture, our Digital Marketing Specialists need to look at all the pieces of your digital marketing campaigns before we can understand how to approach analyzing your SEO campaigns specifically. Ready to get started? Click the button below now!

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